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The best

Michelle, 10 Apr 2021

The best

Michelle, 10 Apr 2021

The kebabs are so!! good very tasty meat, very nice people thanks all bkess

James Mcpartland, 07 Apr 2021

Tasted good, just disappointed that the pitta bread on our chicken donner kebabs were forgotten.

Jo, 19 Feb 2021

Good food

Sharon, 06 Feb 2021

Our new go to kebab shop... totally delicious x

Jayne, 19 Jan 2021

Could do with a bit more salad on the kebabs

Paul, 17 Jan 2021

Could do with a bit more salad on the kebabs

Paul, 17 Jan 2021

Angel, 15 Jan 2021

5 star kebab :)

Angel, 14 Jan 2021

Florentina , 07 Jan 2021

Very. Nice and very cheap

Daisy, 07 Jan 2021

Great food ordered many times 100% recommended

Phil, 02 Dec 2020


very good food thanks

Iain, 25 Nov 2020

Beautiful food always good service

Wendy, 20 Nov 2020

Yesterday’s kebabish was the best we’ve ever had from there !!! The bread was lovely and fluffy and hot the salads and sauces were packed up just the way We like.... Whoever took this order and made it should be the one that all follow and copy ..... in the past the bread has been cold And the salad has disintegrated the bread it’s not been great and the chips overcooked so not great But Last night 4/11/20 was the way I would always hope it to be .... the chips were hot and crispy And fluffy ......everything was amazing!!!! Whoever made this order needs to be watched and copied !!! Or else only let him make it !! I really hope this is the new and improved Kebabish !!!

Jo, 05 Nov 2020

Where is our order? We ordered at 10.20ish You said 11.30 No one answering the phone now?? Thanks

Price, 13 Oct 2020

Hi We love kebabish, and regularly order the same meal. Today we orderd a chicken shish with specific salad and dressings, but the kebab came almost entirely wrong. we ordered chili and garlic sauce and didn't get any. we ordered tomato and cucumber and chili salad and got onion, and lettuce and the naan, which should've been chili and corriander was just plain. The wait today was quite long so we ate what we were given, but it wasn't up to the usual great standard :(

Rowan, 30 Sep 2020

Please make a stronger garlic sauce! Otherwise great stuff - lovely fresh bread and tasty meat!

L, 25 Sep 2020

Really enjoy fresh food, always hot and tasty. Our favourite new kebab shop.

Sarah, 05 Jun 2019

Had first time on Saturday, going back again tonight. Shish Chicken is best I’ve ever had.. naan is so much better than pitta too! Tried some of dads lamb donner and that was amazing as well. Top quality!

Steven, 04 Jun 2019

Lovely tasteful food! Very quick service

Laura, 01 Jun 2019

Good selection

James, 30 May 2019

Lovely food as always. 5 star service and amazing food.

Sherine, 27 May 2019

Great service great food really enjoyed the food

Phil, 26 May 2019

First time ordering after going off other peoples reviews and was not disappointed definitely going to be ordering again soon

Jade, 26 May 2019